U.S. Messenger Masters Technology For You

U.S. Messenger & Logistics, Inc. is always at the forefront of new technology to better serve our clients. U.S. Messenger equips our couriers with a single communication device, the Kyocera DuraForce PRO. This device functions as a phone, scanner and a signature capture device all in one. Enhanced functionality enables U.S. Messenger to provide real-time and automated on-line Proof of Delivery, GPS navigational assistance and tracking capabilities. These GPS features enable sophisticated route optimization guidance allowing the exact status of our clients’ valuable deliveries.


New Features Include:

• GPS Navigation

• Route Optimization

• Bar Code Scanner

• Phone

• Camera

• Signature Capture - Viewable online in real time

• Automated Order Status - From placement to delivery


U.S. Messenger subscribes to licenses giving us access to sophisticated route optimization software provided by Arc Logistics, one of the premier mapping and route optimization solutions providers on the planet. This software, unlike Google Maps, gives us the ability to create "what if" scenarios, allowing you, our client, the ability to select the best scenario for you and your budget!


Online Features: Tracking and Order Entry

U.S. Messenger offers customers a fully customizable online order entry screen. Customers can create their own address book or database, thereby, streamlining order placement and providing quicker data entry. Select an option and an E-mail will notify you confirming when the order was completed and who signed for the item. Monitor your order's progress online by viewing the courier status on your online screen.



Generate your own reports. Preset reports are accessible online, including actual usage, proof of delivery, and on time performance reports. Create customized reports as well. Billing and package specifics are accessed by importing and exporting through the web and FTP portals to the U.S. Messenger operating system.