Scheduled & Routed Courier & Delivery Services

This is the backbone of our delivery operation. Our employees have thousands of years of experience performing critical scheduled deliveries for our clients over the past three decades! Why take valuable time to go to the bank or the post office - even twice a week when we can do it for you? Why deal with the parking and other headaches, not to mention the time away from doing your "real" job? It's just more efficient to call US to do the driving for you! We have performed millions of scheduled deliveries for the real estate, banking, pharmaceutical, and printing industries just to name a few.


Our employee drivers are uniformed, carry color photo ID cards and two way radio telephones that are data capable.


The Scheduled and Routed Division is able to offer a more economical delivery solution for you because transactions are added to existing co-mingled routes - where possible - bringing down the cost of additional motions. We also offer dedicated routes when time and security is of the essence.


Route Planning personnel are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours at 630-286-0555 for assistance or for a price quote. Our experienced Route Planners can offer you different solutions to choose from based upon your supplied information offering you a custom tailored fit to your needs!


The Scheduled and Routed Division operates routes in the upper Midwest every day of the year. Why not give us a call for details?