Intercept Courier providing Intercept Mailroom Service

With over 37 million managed square feet, US Messenger & Logistics, Inc. is the leading provider of Intercept Center Services in the United States. We are the company to speak to and partner with for your Intercept Mailroom Services needs! Join an ever growing list of satisfied clients; which includes some of the top property management companies in North America!


Our Intercept Center operations enable you, the building or complex management, the ability to keep strangers out of your building or complex while enhancing your security profile and offering your tenants a quick and terrific intercept service. We can provide you with a customized solution that offers trained and steady staffing at a cost effective rate. Our offerings range from typical Intercept Centers all the way to full blown mail room facilities.


US Messenger & Logistics, Inc. uses state of the art software and hand-held mobile data terminals (MDT’s) to provide paperless electronic signature capture as a simple standard enabling your tenants' access to their package information on real-time basis. This system keeps track of all package pickup and delivery data for your tenants as well as helps your building achieve LEED certification by reducing usage of disposables.


If your building is contemplating added security soplutions such as turnstyle or passcard operations, then please contact us for your package management intercept center services.


We would be pleased to add your building or complex to our list of serviced properties, please call 312-229-1920 to schedule an appointment with a Sales Director that can survey your needs and present you with various options.