U.S. Messenger & Logistics, Inc. Dock Management Service Provider

US Messenger & Logistics, Inc. is your one-stop Dock Management Services Provider! Giving building owners and management the means to provide quicker access for all vendors utilizing your valuable dock space servicing your tenants! Expediting the operational flow of the dock frees up dock spaces for the express mail services like FedEx and UPS allowing them the possibility of getting their express packages to your tenants one to two hours sooner.


By managing the receipt of product coming in to your facility with trained and knowledgeable material handlers we drastically cut down on dock space fill time allowing more trucks per hour to enter and transact business at your dock. Shipments are handled in the same efficient manner. This also offers your building an additional level of security that you may not have thought of – peace of mind that your hallways and elevators aren’t damaged by an overzealous delivery person.


Dumpster Logging

We keep track of your common or shared dumpsters so that you are able to appropriately charge back the correct tenant or general contractor for their real usage by the 1/2 yard.


X-Ray Machine Operation

Our personnel have been trained to use the most up to date x-ray equipment for even more security conscious building safety.


Security Services

Our personnel can operate your security system at your dock facility and track pertinent information such as Shipping Company, Driver Name, Driver's License Number, Union affiliation, Vehicle Insurance and any other key information that your facility may need. These personnel can also reduce the number of transient “cut-throughs” by people that shouldn’t be accessing your property from the dock entrance.