About U.S. Messenger & Logistics, Inc.

Mention the name U.S. Messenger and most people who have used courier services will say "I've heard of your company!" Incorporated in 1998, U.S. Messenger & Logistics, Inc. began operations during April of 1999 and is wholly owned by Frank Gonzales and Norm Nied. The former senior managers of the original U.S. Messenger & Delivery Service, Inc. that was founded during 1966 by Mr. Donald Fried together bring over 75 years of combined experience and contacts in the same-day delivery industry to work for you.


Our Managers and Supervisors are among the most experienced in the industry and together have several hundred years of leadership skills in the business working for the biggest companies in the upper Midwest.


Many of our drivers have worked for US for over 20 years. Over 60% of our couriers have more than 10 years of experience!



We connect people through each delivery we make!



To be Chicagoland's leading provider of customer service, on-time performance and reasonably priced delivery and logistics services. We will deliver with integrity, accountability and consistency for our customers.



In order to achieve our vision, our mission must be to follow the philosophy that our customers are the company's lifeblood, and as such, our most important priority. We must consistently meet and exceed their expectations. We will accomplish this by empowering our employees and treating everyone with respect and fair treatment.


Service Philosophy

Focus on our customers

• We must consistently meet and exceed all service requirements.

• Provide excellent proactive customer service.

• Consistently provide on-time deliveries.

• Provide reasonably priced delivery services.

• Provide solutions.


Focus on our end users

• We act as an agent of your company, a true partnership.

• The customer who receives the deliveries must be serviced with the best care.

• Provide on-time deliveries.

• Provide trained, uniformed and courteous personnel.


Focus on our employees

• Treating our employees fairly and with respect will result in better performance.

• Provide support and continuous training to enhance personal growth.

• Provide incentives and career advancement opportunities.

• Provide a good working environment.


Value Added Services

• Uniformed, experienced and trained delivery associates.

Using teams of trusted agents, contractors, partners and employees, we have absolute control of your shipment.


• All personnel are equipped with the latest in two-way radio communications.

The Sprint system is our choice because it allows instant voice with real time no wait push to talk technology as well as real time GPS locatonand instant proof of delivery via real time signature capture - the key to successful customer service!


• Reliable, clean and well maintained vehicles.

All vehicles are periodically safety inspected and road checked!


• Fully insured, licensed and bonded associates.

A complete portfolio to cover all potential risk!


• Trained backup couriers.

A team of couriers are cross-trained to cover specific routes at a moments notice to ensure seamless route coverage!


• Customized billing.

We have the capability to provide customized invoicing that meets your company's specific needs including EDI Templates and PDF email billing!


• Customized performance reports.

We have the capability to provide the reporting that meets your company's specific needs!


• Online order placement & tracking.

U.S. Messenger has a very simple & quick online order entry system that can enable you to place and order in less than 30 seconds! You can see job cost as well as the path of each delivery step by reviewing time stamps and the actual signature of the recipient of your package.