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U.S. Messenger Provides Same Day
Transportation & Logistics Services In Chicagoland, the Midwest and Across the Nation.
How May We Serve You?


U.S. Messenger is a company that for nearly the past fifty years has been associated with excellence. Originally founded during 1966 in a corner of the Wabash Hotel U.S. Messenger got its start delivering for one of the nation’s largest banks. Since then we have consistently been associated with doing exactly what we say, with timely, prompt, courteous professional s delivering best of breed products and services across the same day rush delivery business.


Our seasoned associates, many that have worked for U.S. Messenger for more than 20 years select competent partners from around the country that have the necessary certifications, vehicles and personnel to carry out the job, your job, always meeting or exceeding your expectations.


Across the U.S. Messenger Logistics Management Group our diverse senior management team led by Frank Gonzales & Norm Nied has hundreds and hundreds of years of combined experience delivering the service that you deserve. Why not try us out? Become one of the thousands of satisfied customers of U.S. Messenger – you’ll be glad that you did!